We invite you to read some of the comments that our clients have shared with us.

Julie and her team are helping us with all things finance and have been fantastic to work with.

Thanks for all of the hard work, tremendous focus and attention to getting this done.

—Brian Berger, CEO, Mack Weldon

We’ve an awesome accountancy team who we trust completely. Let me say – awesome. Thanks TechFinance.

I wish you all an amazing new year and I wanted to personally thanks you all for the hard work, we couldn’t be more happy to work with you.

—Frédéric della Faille – CEO, Checkthis Corporation

Thanks Julie! You have played such an important role in getting us over the bridge from start up to looking thinking and presenting like a VC backed company. So grateful and glad we have a little more work to do together. Thanks for your help with DDA too!
—Julia Pimsleur, CEO, Little Pim

Thanks Kate. You’ve been doing a great job. Have a great weekend.
—Tanya Menendez, CEO, Maker’s Row

Julie, I personally very much appreciate all your help over the past few years as we launched the business through our eventual sale. Your assistance has been invaluable. I will continue to send folks your way and hope to stay in touch! Who knows, we may very well start another business :).
—Minesh Mistry , Director of Operations, GROUPON

The audit this year went really well and Condon was very happy that we were all in order.
—Ashley Davis, Educational Director, Park Slope Schoolhouse

This was super helpful and easy, so thank you for being awesome!
—Brian Shields, Co-Founder, IncubateNYC

We’re especially happy to have an accounting team in place that falls just short of being miraculous. They’re still getting up to speed on how everything works, and we’re working with them to design a more efficient, transparent system for all of this going forward.
—Jen Bekman, Founder and CEO,20×200 | Jen Bekman Projects, Inc

As usual, everything looks great. Well done.
—Eric Conner, COO, Healthify

Julie is the CEO of TechFinance, our accounting firm. They are extremely efficient, always reachable by skype/hangout/email/phone, and are based in NY.
—Pep Gomez, CEO, Fever Labs Inc.

Thanks Kate. You’ve been doing a great job. Have a great weekend.
—Eric Conner, COO, Healthify

Julie Kim runs TechFinance — our outsourced accounting / CFO / CPA team. We’ve been working with Julie and her team for a couple months and they have been outstanding.
—Ted Sullivan, CEO, GameChanger

Thanks for visiting us today – it was great to meet you all in person. I definitely have a better picture of the process in place and some of the target areas you think I should focus on.”

“Thanks for doing such a good job as financial stewards of the company to date. I know Ted and the board really appreciate the work you’ve all done to support and advise GameChanger. And from my perspective, it’s extremely valuable to enter a company that is already on such solid footing because of your efforts.”

“I truly look forward to working closely with you as GameChanger grows through the next phase and beyond.
—Andrew Russakoff, VP of Finance and Operations, GameChanger Media, Inc.

Thanks for the message and for being so proactive – much appreciated.
—Lauren Maillian Bias – CEO, Gen Y Capital Partners

Mathieu is awesome by the way. He did such a great job on the audit.
—Kathryn Tucker, RedRover Networks, LLC

—Jamal Motlagh, Founder & CEO, Acustom

Thank you! Bringing the account back to the positive!
—Roy Baladi, Founder & CEO, FreshGrad

Hi Guys, I just wanted to thank you for being so on point for the last week or so. This is a critical board meeting (in 3 hours) and I couldn’t have done it without you two.
—Nick Narodny, Co-Founder, Grovo Learning

Julie is Founder and CEO of Tech Finance CFO, who takes care of our books and accounts. They are miracle workers.
—Henry Davis, COO, Glossier

Thank you for your efforts, patience and understanding in dealing with GlolbalPay in 2013 and for the timely year-end filings, statements etc. You guys are great! Thank you again.
—Bob Gailus, Chairman, GlobalPay

Thank you very much for servicing me so far and I’ve had an excellent experience with TechFinance. I will also be referring Tech Startups to you.
—Roy Baladi, Founder, FreshGrad

I am very happy with TechFinance services – you are the best accounting firm I have ever worked with.
—Henri Nokkelainen, CFO, Four Sigma Foods